Grumpus Maximus…

I have decided that this is my Latin name. I’m a grump tonight. The kids had a great day at school. B is a little wound tonight, which I should have expected. New things always get him somewhat wound up. I understand, I’m the same way. We express it differently though. I get headaches and the shakes, almost panicky. Anxiety attacks. He gets wired and wound up and almost hyper. Excited even. Right now he’s playing fetch with the dog. Which is good. It lets the dog work off excess energy, and it’s good for B to play with him. Right now though I’m on edge and it’s just driving me bonkers. :o) I’ll survive, and when I really think about it, I’m glad that he’s getting it out here. I’d much rather he be wound at home than at school. Really, I’m grateful. My children are all three healthy and happy. I am blessed to have them with me, and so I’m going to post this, then go play fetch with the boy and his dog!

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