Stitches & Ice Cream

B loves dogs. He loves all animals, but he particularly has a soft spot for dogs. Stray dogs, friends dogs, our dog, even that ugly dog that won the contest he thinks is just adorable! We’ve had so many conversations about how we don’t mess with dogs we don’t know, even if it belongs to someone we do know. Well, he learned that lesson this evening, the hard way.

His friends have a dalmatian. When the kids are out playing they keep the dog tied up. He had never bit anyone, but he wasn’t real good with new people, so better safe than sorry. B had been told to not mess with the dog. He wanted to pet it though, and he did. The dog wasn’t amused and let B know it. The boys father drove B home, they only live a block or so away, but he drove B home anyway. I thought that was really nice. The dad is a nurse, retired AF, and he cleaned up B’s wounds and then brought him home. He wanted to make sure he got home ok. Wanted to let us know we should probably take B to the ER that it probably needed stitches. He was so nice! He even called this evening to see how B was, of course, we weren’t home yet, but when Donovan heard from us he let him know.

B was ok, felt a little sick, but he was hungry, so that was a good sign. 😉 He ate his dinner, then it was off to the urgent care clinic. We decided that would be quicker and simpler than trying to deal w/ the ER on base. He ended up with 3 stitches total. He has 3 wounds. One on the inside of his wrist, no stitches there, it wasn’t as big. Two on the back of his wrist, one was I think 3.2 inches long. He got 2 stitches in that one, and one stitch on the other one. He did so good. They numbed it up with a topical solution first, then gave him numbing shots, then they soaked it, and flushed it out. B never cried, never yelled, he was such a champ! He asked me to pray for him at one point. That so touched me.

Of course, after all that, we had to stop for ice cream! lol Baskin Robbins it was! He had peanut butter chocolate on a sugar cone, and I had mint chocolate chip. I wasn’t worried about calories tonight!

We talked about how lucky he was that this was someone we knew, and that the dog was current on all his vaccinations. How if it was a stray, which B has been known to run up to and love on, how he could have gotten sick, and possibly even have had to have rabies shots or something. He said he learned a lesson, let’s hope so. 🙂 He even prayed tonight thanking God for this, so that he could learn a lesson without having been to badly injured. I just pray that the next time a stray comes trotting by, B will remember…

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