How do you pick a title?

How do you seasoned bloggers pick titles for your posts anyway? I never know what to pick. Now, on my stamping blog, it’s easy. I choose a title that reflects the project or event that I’m posting about. Over here, I’m never sure what to put. Anyway, on to my ramble for today…

My counselor last week gave me an assignment. Of course, it can’t be something simple like, “Ok Tricia, go home and solve Pi”. No, she has to give me something hard. I’m supposed to look at myself in the mirror, and starting with my feet, go up my body and say aloud to myself what I am thankful for that particular body part for. Hmmphf. Right. I can’t stand to look at myself, let alone name the parts of my body and what is good about them. I start with my toes, and I see them as to short & stubby. They have been referred to as “corn-nut toes”. Yet, they do help me balance, and they do look quite pretty painted this lovely shade, “Holy Pink Pagoda” by OPI. My feet, well, they are a bit wide, yet, they do somehow manage to carry me around. My ankles, well, they haven’t given out on me yet, they do help my feet connect to my legs. My legs, hmmm, well, I do have large calves, always have, yet, even though they are large, they do have good muscle in there. They have served me well for 34 years. My thighs, same thing, they do rub together some when I walk, yet, they get me where I need to go. My stomach, it’s big, it’s got stretch marks, and yet, those things are from carrying three children, what a wonderful gift from God. Traveling up, I am a bit large, and they are uncomfortable, yet, they nourished all three of my children for a while. How much more can you ask? My shoulders are to wide imo. I’ve always thought I had somewhat manly shoulders, but they have held up so much, at times it has felt like the weight of the world has been on them. Yet, their width has allowed them to bear up under so much, and hold it all up with what I hope has been grace for the most part. As for my face, well, let’s not go there. My eyes are a lovely shade of green imo. My nose is thankfully not to large, and my mouth, well, hee hee, it speaks the truth, and it allows me to express my love to my family and friends. My hair is a lovely shade of red right now thanks to my husband, but besides the color, I do have soft healthy hair. My brain, well, if I am honest, I am fairly intelligent. I love to learn new things and read. All in all, I guess I can be thankful for a lot. But to stand in front of the mirror and look at myself as I go through this list? Well, baby steps, right?

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