Last night when we got to the hospital, we found out B had been moved to *green* level, which means he is allowed off his unit! Hooray! He got to go have dinner in the cafeteria, and go to the gym yesterday. He was really excited about that. Tonight we are all going up to have dinner with him, A is very excited! We all are, but she is especially.

During our visit last night, he was up and down. He started off kind of down. Sad because his brother and sister weren’t there, but then he was excited because Aunt Pam and Granny were! While we were visiting, he was quite pingy (hyper). He bounced around, being really silly, etc. Very excited. I don’t know if that was because Granny & Aunt Pam were there, or if it was because we were visiting outside on the grounds, or a combination of the two, but he was definitely wound. He got quiet towards the end of our visit, which is to be expected. But he was in a good mood when he went back inside, and took off to take a shower.

They are supposed to be doing his Psychological Testing today. Bryan told us that the doctor said they are hoping to have his test results quickly. He might be able to come home Tuesday at this point. We’re still hanging in here, just kind of waiting. We asked that the doctor call us today, but haven’t heard anything from him yet.

Like I said, we’re just hanging in here, waiting to see what happens from one day to another. I’m tired. I miss him. I cleaned up his school area yesterday, it made me sad. I want him home, but I also want to know what is going on inside him, so we can figure out what to do to help him. I want that sweet loving boy back that I know is inside there. The one who cried if you killed a spider, not got excited about killing snakes. The boy who throws his arms around you and says he loves you. I know he is still in there somewhere, we just need help in figuring out how to get him back…

Keep praying…

One thought on “Dinner

  1. Still praying for you….hope he is well and home soon…let us know if there is anything you need..we love you guys..Tricia*

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