Whataburger, that’s what B wanted for dinner! 🙂 He called home about an hour or so before we left, he asked for Long John Silver’s, but I didn’t know of one close, so he said Whataburger instead? 🙂 We all had milkshakes, well, D had a coke, he was offered a shake, but chose coke instead. In fact, we all had the same thing for dinner, chicken strips, except D, he had a burger. It was his night to be unique I guess!

B brought out paper airplanes, and after they ate, the kids were having airplane flying contests. It was so awesome to see them playing so good together. B seemed to be nervous at first, but I think he had fun playing. It was really windy though, so the planes weren’t flying all that great. It was hilarious though, some of them kept flying backwards because of the wind. Too cute!

They still hadn’t done the psych testing when we were there. First thing tomorrow morning I am going to try to get in touch with the doctor and the therapist to find out what is going on with that. When we checked him in, the admitting doctor said that there would probably be med changes right away, but it’s been 6 days now, and no changes. Hopefully we will get to talk to someone tomorrow and get some answers.

Please keep praying, God is listening, and He is holding us up, because I know if it wasn’t for His arms around me holding me up, I would have fallen down a LOOOONG time ago!

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