Bipolar · Faith

Changes are happening…

Yesterday, we spoke with the doctor. He didn’t have an answer as to why the psych testing hasn’t been done yet, he was trying to find that out. As far as he knew, the psychologist was supposed to be there on Sunday. Hopefully the doctor will have an answer to that question today for us.

In the meantime, without the testing, at this point, the doctor’s diagnosis is Bipolar. He put in orders to change B’s meds last night, and when we spoke with the nurse this morning, B has had 2 doses of the new medication at this point. We are praying that this will be a turning point for B. The medication that the doctor has started him on will require frequent blood checks, in order to monitor the level of medication in his blood. From everything that I am reading, once we get to his dosage, then it will be every 4-6 weeks, just to make sure that things are staying level. This medication has a very high success rate, and has shown to be extremely helpful for rapid cycling bipolar patients. I’ve been thinking this was what was going on for some time, reading different information about this disorder, it’s like reading about our life, since B was born. From the way he nursed, fussed, slept, everything, it fits. There is a LOT of help and information out there, now that we know what is going on, I’m feeling pretty good about the next steps.

Last night at our visit, B was pretty down about still being in the hospital. He wants to come home, understandably. I want him home too, but I also want the doctors to do everything they need to do, including monitoring his medication change as closely as possible, watching his moods, and hopefully getting the psych testing done. B got pretty upset that I wouldn’t just take him home last night, and walked away. When my mom talked to him on the phone later, he was doing better though. This morning they said he is in a happy mood, was even somewhat hyper after breakfast.

Donovan called me this morning, he spoke with one of his supervisors, and due to the things going on, the military has a special provision for situations like this, where he can take several days leave with pay, without it coming out of his leave bank. Hopefully that will get approved today, and he will be home for the next several days with us, to try and get everything taken care of that we need to. I’m so grateful to be a military family at this point. There are a lot of negatives, but the positives, and the way they take care of people is just awesome.

I know that the only way I am getting through this is because of God holding me up, and Donovan holding the other side up. God is holding us both up, and we are holding each other. I know that God brought this wonderful man into my life, and I know that the experiences we both have gone through, brought us to the point where together, we are facing this challenge, head on, and going to make it!

Praise God for all things, He uses them for His Glory!

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