Yesterday I got a call from the therapist, we have a family session scheduled for Thursday at 11:00 am. She said the doctor requested it, and said that he will probably go home after the session. Probably NOT Thursday, but Friday.

Last night when we visited, B was NOT happy to hear that he would be there until Friday. We visited for about 8 minutes, and then he just walked out. He was very upset that we can’t just take him home now. One thing that I am learning about this disorder is that the need for instant gratification B has is not just him, that is part of the disorder. He did call me last night though, he was quite hyper when he called, but he got sad at one point, he was calling to tell me he was sorry for walking away, and for being angry. I told him he doesn’t need to apologize for being angry, he has the right to be angry and frustrated, I understand that. I am glad that he walked away, rather than lost control. Then of course, he was done talking, and wanted to go watch his movie. lol

I’m praying for a better visit tonight when we go. 🙂

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