He's home…

Hooray! We got the call that the doctor had discharged B at about 9:00 this morning! We picked him up at 11:00, it was the quickest hospital discharge I think I’ve ever seen! We were out of there by 11:30!!! We stopped for lunch on the way home, Long John Silver’s (B’s choice). He was so happy to be coming home! 🙂 He’s seemed very anxious today, difficulty making decisions, worrying that someone is mad at him. One of his friend’s came by and wanted him to go outside. B told him no thank you, he had just got home. Then B told me that he didn’t want to go outside, he wanted to stay with his mommy! 🙂

I think the most awesome display of excitement came from the dog though! When B walked through the door, I swear that Chip jumped up and could have landed on B’s head! He bounced and bounced at him, soooo excited! 🙂 Everyone missed B while he was away! 🙂

Tomorrow morning we are going to my mom’s for Easter. The kids are all excited! I am too, more than anything though, I’m tired at this point. It’s been a long two weeks w/ B in the hospital, but he’s home now, and I’m better. 🙂

Happy Easter!!!

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