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It’s slowly coming back! My creativity that is! Last night, I was working on cards for another stamp class. Since before I was in the hospital, I’ve not been able to concentrate enough to come up with an original design. Everything has been case’d. (CASE stands for Copy And Share Everything). It’s what you do when you can’t come up with anything original. Well, last night I was case’ing cards, and I couldn’t find anything for the third card I was working on. Nothing I was seeing really appealed to me. The next thing I knew, I was getting out designer paper and boom, I had come up with an original card!!! I won’t bore you with all the details about the card on here, but if you’re interested, check out my stampin’ blog later this evening. When Donovan gets home I’ll see if he can take a picture so I can post it. 🙂

In other news, my patience seems to be coming back, slowly as well, but it’s getting here. B & A see their therapist this afternoon. Last night was a bouncy night for B. He seemed down when he was talking to his dad on the phone, but when he passed the phone off to his brother, it was like someone had turned his switch on. He was all over the place! He was upset when we asked him to take a shower, but eventually Donovan was able to calm him down and get him to shower. He’s having a hard time waking up and getting going this morning as well. He is up, but he’s just being really slow, and tired, almost whiny. I’m going to offer to let him go take a shower in a minute, that usually helps him get going. He might not want to since he took one last night, we’ll see how that goes…

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