Stamp Room

So I’ve been asked what my stamp room looks like… keep in mind we just moved, so it’s messy, but here you go…

This was made using a canvas, acrylic paint and the Chocolate Chip Large Create Definition Decor Element (114117) .

This piece was made the same as the Create Definition, but this little flower was a gift from Stampin’ Up! (r) to all the demonstrators when the Decor Elements launched.

This is the view of my desk where my computer sits. Ignore the clutter to the right of the monitor. ;o)

This side of my desk is where I stamp. You can see my ribbon keepers, 12 x 12 paper and various other *things* I use…

This is my stamp shelf, where I store my embossing powders and glitter, my cuttlebug, and various other tools and supplies. :o)

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