Busy busy busy…

Wow! It’s crazy around here, and yet, I still find myself getting bored during the day. Hopefully that will end now that my stampin’ slump is over, or appears to be for now anyway. Don’t know what I mean? Head over to and see then!

Now that I’ve shamelessly promoted my other blog, let me get back to the task at hand. Updating you on how life is going! My birthday just passed a week ago, I am officially halfway to 70 now! lol I had a wonderful simple day that I loved! Donovan had to go in to work and D had stayed with a friend Friday night, so on my birthday (Saturday the 13th), A, B & I (isn’t that silly) went to breakfast! Then we ran a couple of simple errands, and I spent the rest of the day just relaxing! Donovan & A made me a heavenly cookies & cream birthday cake. It was so sweet to see the two of them working in the kitchen together! Then Donovan & B made dinner, yummy! Seafood Alfredo, and they did such a great job! D did the dishes, so I really did have the whole day off! Gotta love it! I got some great new stampin’ stuff, which you can see over at my other blog… leave a comment too if you want! Ok, I’ll stop with the commercials! lol

What else has been going on? Not a lot really. I’m settling into a routine with school. Oh, didn’t you know? I’m finally going to school, yay! My hope is that when I’m done, probably around the time A is done, I will be able to help other women who have gone through what I went through with my first marriage. Check posts from last October and coming up this October for more info on that!

We’re all settling in, B has met both his Psychiatrist and Psychologist, and likes both. Donovan & I are very pleased with both of them as well. I’ve met with my therapist several times, she is awesome I must say! I still miss Marnie & Christy though! No offense Bobbi! tee hee! Anyway, she has given me homework a couple of times, tough stuff too I must say! Well, tough for me anyway. It’s making a difference though, and that’s what counts.

Next month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I’m going to try to pick up where I was blogging last year, and see if I can give more information and hopefully understanding to those who don’t have a clear picture of what domestic violence is. I want my experiences to make a difference for someone else, please let me know if it does, or if you have specific questions for me, I’ll try to answer them as honestly and candidly as I can. Hope you’re having a great September!


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