Icky feelings… (not for the squeamish)

This week has been full of icky feelings so far.

Monday afternoon I got a call from the school that D was not feeling well.  Actually, let me correct myself, D texted me that he was in the nurse with a massive headache and could I come get him.  He was congested and coughing all weekend, so I was not completely surprised.  I finished putting groceries away and went up to get him.  The nurse mentioned that he was coughing up some “stuff” so I figured it would be prudent to go ahead and call the doc, just to be safe.  They could not get him in until Thursday (today).  We made the appointment and planned on just canceling it if he was feeling better, and I was pretty sure he would be.  Better to be safe with an appointment than not have one and have to spend hours in the ER.  Of course, at home we had no cold medicine; so I got him settled, ran to Walgreens to get something and came home.  I had just gotten him settled back down after taking the cold medicine when the phone rang.  It was the nurse at the school.  B was in her office now, with a fever.  Back up to the school.  B’s temp is usually around 99, but this time it was 101.something, a real fever!  Got him home, he didn’t feel sick at that point, just had a headache and a temp.  Both boys slept most of the day.  Monday night, B’s turned into a stomach bug.  Poor guy, it was just horrible for him.  I know how much I hate to throw-up, and I can only imagine how it feels for someone else, especially when I am watching and can see how much it hurts.  (I’m a mom, it’s in the job description that we sometimes see our kids puke!)

Tuesday morning, B still feverish and pukey.  D still coughing but no fever and no tummy probs.  Both boys home, again.  Soup for lunch, 7-up to drink, all the usual comfort stuff mom’s do.  D was bored.  He was ready to go back to school, coughing his lungs up or not.  B’s temp went up and down.  We watched Forrest Gump.  Love that movie!

Wednesday morning (yesterday, just in case you lost track).  D went to school.  B still running a fever.  It got as high as 102 at one point.  Called the doc, no appointments until Thursday, changed D’s appointment to one for B.  I started feeling icky too.  Headache, not actually throwing up, but pukey feeling when I moved.  He felt better, then worse, then better, then worse.  A and D went to church, B and I stayed home and watched Almost Heroes and ate potato soup!  Donovan brought it home for us from Paradise Cafe’ oh it was so yummy!  Almost as good as what my mommy used to make when I was little and would get sick.  B’s fever broke last night thankfully.  I haven’t had one yet, thankfully.

Today… B stayed home again, still feeling icky, but thankfully no fever.  (We worry about pro-longed fevers for him because of the meds he takes regularly.)  He has an appointment this afternoon, just to check.  Also it’s to check his ears, apparently he failed part of the hearing test at school.  Me, I’m still feeling icky.  Also a little overwhelmed, a LOT of schoolwork to catch up on.  With all the icky-ness around here this week, I’ve let my assignments slip a little.  Work to do, Bible Study tomorrow, father-in-law’s birthday celebration Saturday, and full day on Sunday…

yeah, I’m a little overwhelmed.  It’s all good though.  Focus, one thing at a time, do the best I can, and let it go.  Praying for the strength to actually let it go and do all that, I’m not so good at the letting go part…

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