Coming together nicely…

Things are really lining up for the big move!

We’ve got a house! We found one online, but due to a clerical error, the rent was supposed to be WAAAAY more than what it was listed for. That wasn’t going to work, but the property management place just happened to have another one, that we had not considered because it said no pets. Well, the lady called the home owner, pled our case, and they agreed to a pet if we would agree to a non-refundable pet deposit. We did, but on the condition that we aren’t required to clean the carpets when we move, and that was that. It’s absolutely perfect. It’s one story, so it will be easier to cool, plus there are no stairs and that’s easier on Donovan’s knees. 🙂 Each of the kids will still have their own room, praise the Lord for that! I’m tellin’ ya, it’s perfect!

My other big worry has been insurance, both for me because of my issues, and for the kids. Their dad is required to have insurance for them, but B has already maxed out his mental health benefits for the year, as well as getting close to his lifetime mental health benefits too. Well, we’ve got insurance covered now, at least for a year and a half! The military offers continuing health care benefits, kind of like Cobra in the civilian world. Donovan’s new employer will contribute what they would be paying for his insurance to the chcb and that will only leave us with part to pay, which gives us the same level of coverage we have now, but not going to cost us a ton, which is good for the transition. Hooray!

I’m getting really excited about the move, we’re down to only 19 days until we leave!!! Next weekend will be our last weekend at church. 😦 The weekend after that we’ll be visiting family, saying goodbyes, etc. Then, it’s time to hit the road, on August 2nd…

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