Change can be hard for some people, for others it can be exciting and invigorating.  For me it can depend on the circumstances.  Naturally I am a planner.  I like to plan out how things are going to go, and I do it waaay ahead of time.  For example, we are going to Disneyland in October.  I’ve already got the whole trip planned in my mind.  Where we’re going to stay, which day we will go to which park, what rides are essential must rides, what rides are like to’s but not essential, and which rides or shows we can skip.  Planning so far ahead gives me plenty of time to adjust to any changes that occur.  If however, things change right at the last minute, or Heaven forbid while we’re on the trip, I tend to fall apart.  Other changes, like the one I’m talking about today, excite me and cause me joy.  That’s not to say that I’m not stressing, just not overly so, and I know God is behind this so I know that it’s a good change, the stress is coming from how, in my human-ness I’m going to implement what God has put on my heart.

Tuesday morning (early), like 4:00 am-ish, God tapped me on the shoulder and said, “wake up.”  How do I know it was Him?  Well, I’m a sleeper, I like to sleep, it’s fun even.  As a rule I do not wake up at that time unless I need to use the restroom or the dogs do.  Well, I also wake up if one of the kids or Donovan has a problem, but other than that, nada.  I woke up at 4:00 and was WIDE AWAKE.  My first thought was of course that I needed to use the restroom, nope.  Second, the dogs must have awakened me because they needed to go, nope, they were both snoring.  Nothing wrong with Donovan, nothing with the kids.  What on earth?  Brought the dogs downstairs just in case they needed to go, they went out, but I knew that wasn’t it.  Suddenly, I started to feel God pressing on my heart, ideas.  Ideas GALORE were flooding my heart and mind.  I knew something was up, so I started writing them down.  After 20 or 30 minutes I felt like that was it, so I headed back upstairs to get some sleep.  Nope!  My head had no more than hit the pillow and more started.  It’s dark, don’t want to turn the light on and wake Donovan, so I started putting them in the notes on my phone.  All total God placed about 20 ideas on my heart for this blog, as well as several other ideas which I will reveal at a later time.  Awesomely crazy ideas that I’m so scared to follow through with, but I know that it’s God using me, and I need to trust Him and follow where He will take me.

If I had your e-mail address, or if you are friends with me on Facebook, you should have received an e-mail from me asking a couple of questions, or saw the status post where I posed those questions.  If you didn’t, or aren’t my friend on Facebook, here are the questions…

  1. What does “ministry to women” mean to you, as opposed to “ministry for women”?  Is there a difference and what is it?
  2. What types of things do you battle daily?  Name just a few things that are struggles for you to deal with, and wish there was more info on dealing with?

If you can, and are so inclined, take a moment to let me know what you think about these questions, and how you feel about them.  If you would prefer to remain anonymous, that’s fine too.  🙂

So, watch for changes coming soon to this blog.  I hope you’re going to be along for the ride, it’s gonna be awesome!

One thought on “Change…

  1. Tricia,
    I’m just getting caught up to speed (thats what happens when you work midnights) this is so cool. My thoughts “What is ministry to women”. I think it is a place where women can go to feel safe and free. To learn about God, share happy stories and sad stories and to be comforted instead of judged. There are so many women out there that have been abused pysically, mentally, and sexually that don’t know where to turn. All I can say is I wish I knew of a women’s ministry about 17-18 yrs ago. Then my thoughts on “What do I battle daily”, the first thing that comes to mind is Satan. He is a daily battle for me. When he makes his presence in my relationship with God, in my marriage, with my kids, at work, or even driving down the road I simply say “Satan go away and leave me alone and I pray this in Jesus name”. You already know this but for your readers I just recently in the past year and a half have excepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. Yes I grew up believing in God and Jesus, but never really surrendered my life over to God. Now I have and it is an amazing feeling and Satan will and is trying to destroy it, but I am way stronger than that and he will not succeed. I am soooo greatful that God has allowed me to fall into such a wonderful church as Central Christian and that he has brought such wonderful people into my life. I appreciate each and everyone of you and love you all.

    Melissa Traynere

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